Featured Photograph of the Week

Great start to the Year my shot of a welder was the featured photograph on the front page of istockphoto.com. Several people have asked me for details of the workflow for this image. I did not record the exact method but it would be something like this.

Nikon D800

lens 24-70 f2.8 @ F4.0 1/6 sec ISO 100

Import into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.0

Check colour balance exposure and highlight clipping.

Export to Adobe Photoshop CS6

Create new layer and remove logo from welders visor with patch tool (This image is for stock sale and therefore all trademarks logos have to be removed)

Then I went to Filter Nik software and opened Color Efex pro 4 I added tonal contrast and a heavy vignette I then saved the image back into photo shop and back into lightroom  I then warmed the image up a bit by pushing the the colour sliders selectively until I had the desired effect.  The difficulty is knowing when to stop, istock has very high standards and there is always danger of the over processed rejection if you push it too far.





About Owen Price I'm a commercial photographer, based in Buckinghamshire but working throughout the UK and overseas.

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